This years F.I.C.M. rally was held in and around the beautiful French city of Avignon
in southern France. Starting on the 2nd of May and lasting for 4 days before finishing
on Sunday 6th May. S.E.R.G. the selected European rally group attended to represent
Great Britain and the Motor Caravan club, with 9 motorhomes and 17 people, the total attendance
at the rally was nearly 500 motorhomes, representing France, Greece, Portugal, Ireland,
Spain, G.B. Germany, and Holland. All S.E.R.G. rallies are organized and run by motorhome
clubs that are local to the area in which the rally is held, the great advantage of this is
that the trips and the things they organize  for us, are set up by people who live in and know
the local area, this rally was organized by the Rhone Alps motorhome club and a great job
they done!
The first day was mainly getting people parked up and settled in, followed by a meet and
greet in the afternoon and evening with lots of wine and nibbles, supplied by the local
club, On Thursday we were all taken by coach to the center of Avignon to explore for ourselves,
it is a truly lovely medieval city, that has been preserved as it was built for hundreds
of years a really beautiful place. on Friday morning a large farmers market was held for us
where we could sample much of the local produce, many wines, cheeses, meats, fruits, and
vegetables and of course buy what we wished, in the afternoon all the clubs from the 8
countries got together with music and dancing and we had a party that lasted until midnight
a fantastic time, the Belgians and Greeks especially seem to really make an effort to get
friendly with the British. On Saturday we were taken by coach to the oldest part of
Avignon, where we met our English speaking guide, and we were then taken to see the famous
" bridge " of Avignon about which the song is written, the guide taught us the words in
English and we all sang along and danced, also we were shown the Popes 14th-century palace
a fabulous building dripping with gold. Having a good English speaking guide made the
whole day well worth it. In the evening we had our gala dinner, a beautiful 5-course meal
with entertainment by a French group, included was as much wine as you could drink, so
as you can imagine the night sped by. Sunday was the last day of the rally so we all dressed
up smart in our European rally group tops for the ending ceremony and to say our goodbyes
to our many new friends from all over Europe, and by 2 pm we were all in our campers heading
for the next part of our adventure, the 6-day prolongation.