This years F.I.C.M. rally was held in the French city of Avignon and ended on the 6th May and was immediately
followed by a prolongation of 5 days, which again was organized by the local French motorhome club, the
Rhone-Alps group.
The first day Monday May 7th, we drove to the small town of St. Gilles with a guide to show us around this enchanting
little town, and the next day to the large town of Arles compleat with a 20,000 seat Roman Coliseum and a large
amphitheatre, we were then driven out into the countryside and all loaded onto a large hay truck and taken to a
farm where they breed black steers and white Camargue horses and where they put on an hour-long show for us, and we
were then taken for an excellent 3-course meal with as you might expect from the French lots of wine to drink hic!
On Wednesday we drove to a large city called Aigues Mortes, a medieval walled city in great condition we had a
long walkabout exploring the market square and the battlements. We were also loaded on to a small tourist train
and taken out into a bay to some gigantic salt flats with a purification and packing factory, even a small museum,
at 3 pm everyone met up again and we all got onto a boat for a 2-hour river cruise taking a circular route along
some beautiful canals and rivers. The following day saw us all in Nimes a lovely little town, again with long
stretches of Roman walls, and we were given a guided tour of Nimes by an excellent female guide, she showed us
many of the sights of Nimes for nearly 3 hours, even many courtyards and gardens and the 700-year-old town centre
really interesting stuff. Friday afternoon we drove to a vineyard at the small French town of Chusclan for a wine
tasting you could have as much as you liked so of course, the British didn't hold back! In the evening we all walked
to a community hall where we had a delicious 5-course meal and as much wine as you could drink, As this was the
last day of the prolongation everyone circulated, saying their goodbyes and congratulating and thanking the French
motorhome club who organized and arranged the main rally and the prolongation it was all very well done, by the
Rhone Alp group.
Next years F.I.C.M. rally and prolongation will take place in Tuscany although at the moment we have no more
details so keep your eyes peeled and check the group news.