Rally Report - Euro CC Greece - Prolongation
Greece 2016 261 800x600The prolongation to the Athens rally began on May 22nd, and our first destination was the port of Nafplion, but on the way there from Athens, we stopped at the Corinth canal, a truly fantastic sight that had been dug out and built over 2000 years ago, how did they do it? in a time when everything would have to have been done by hand using shovels and carts.
We arrived at Nafplion at 4pm and after settling in, all went for a walk, Nafplion is a lovely little town, with lots of bars, shops, squares, and interesting buildings, it's well worth a visit if you are in Greece.
Nafplion is overlooked by Bourtzi castle, so on Monday morning, 3 of us rose to the challenge and climbed the 999 steps to the castle at the top, the views were spectacular, seeing for miles around, and we rewarded ourselves on the way down with an ice cold beer in a small bar.
Greece 2016 276 800x600
In the afternoon we had a guided tour of Nafplion, and then to the town square for 2 hours of traditional Greek dancing.
Greece 2016 284 800x600Tuesday we were picked up by coaches at 9, and taken to the 4000 year old ruins of the  town of Mycenae, to be shown around by a guide, followed by a visit to the tomb of Agamemnon, and on to Epidaurus, a vast amphitheater, that was built 2000 years ago and that held over 50,000 spectators. At 3pm we were again on the coaches and taken for a meal and wine to a very nice restaurant overlooking a beautiful bay.
On Wednesday, we drove to Patras city for some sightseeing, and on Thursday boarded coach's to be taken to a local winery for a guided tour, and then on to a hour long session of wine tasting, with some very reasonably priced red and white wines to try. Later we drove to the last destination of the prolongation, to the beautiful sea side town of Katalobo.
Greece 2016 308 800x600
Friday we were taken by the local train service to Ancient Olympia, for a guided visit to the original Olympic games stadium, and then to the Olympic games museum, a really fascinating place, and of course no one could resist having their photo taken on the starting line at the original Olympic stadium!
Saturday was free and easy during the day, and at night there was a farewell party organized by the Hellenic motorhome club, with much B.B.Q. food, lots of wine, and a display of traditional Greek dancing.
A terrific finish to a great prolongation.
The Greek clubs had put a lot of effort into making the prolongation a success and without a doubt they succeeded. There was so many great destinations, with so much to see and do, that everyone had a fabulous time, and they are to be congratulated on what they achieved.
Next years Euro CC rally and prolongation will be held in northern Spain, 10th April to 23rd April, all is in the planning stage at the moment but details will be published as soon as we get them.