Rally Report - Euro CC Greece
This years F.I.C.M. rally was the 39th and ran from Monday 16th May and ended on Sunday 22nd of May.
It was held in Athens, and was based at the ground of the Olympiakos football club, 140 mobile  homes attended the rally,and luckily the weather was glorious, the whole time being warm and sunny.
Greece 2016 109 800x600The best things about holding the rally at a large football club, was the security and the large meeting halls available to us, which the Greek Motorhome clubs who organised the rally, kept well stocked with free wine and eats, for us to consume every evening Hic! 
On Monday we arrived at the site, and a large welcome meet with cocktails was held on Tuesday. Early Wednesday, everyone boarded coaches to be taken for a guided tour of Athens city center, and then to the Acropolis museum, which was full of the treasures of ancient Greece, this was absolutely wonderful, all the fabulous objects and artwork, that we had seen all our lives on the T.V. there in real life to see. And In the evening yet more wine and food.
Greece 2016 182 800x600
On Thursday we caught a Metro train into Athens, and strolled around this charming city, then walked up a hill to the Acropolis, which is a huge temple that overlooks the whole of Athens, it is truly magnificent to see, and it is humbling to think that the Greeks built this 2,500 years ago. In the evening apart from more wine and food, we were entertained with 2 hours of traditional Greek singing and dancing, with every one being encouraged to join in.
On Friday evening we were again picked up by coaches, and driven through town, to Athens yacht club for an excellent 6 course seafood meal, superbly presented and plenty of it, and served with many bottles of very nice Greek wine, then Greek singing and dancing until 11 when we were coached back to the site.
Greece 2016 237 600x800Saturday was a free and easy day until 6-30, when we dressed up in our union jack hats, and along with all the other clubs attending, got out our flags and paraded in front of everyone in the main hall, we also presented the Greek organisers with a hamper full of British produce, this was followed by the rally closing speeches,
Considering the economic pressure that Greece is under at the moment, the Greek Motorhome clubs should be congratulated on holding such an excellent and enjoyable rally, but the prolongation, which I shall write about next month, was even better! 
Before I finish just a reminder that the Luxembourg rally this year runs from September 9th to 12th, and also that the annual Montgolfiade hot air balloon festival at Thouars in France is being held September 2nd to 4th.



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