Belgium is famous for just 3 things. Fries, chocolates, and beers, perhaps now we should add another to the list, because they also hold some terrific motorhome rallies!

This year was the F.I.C.M. 38th Euro CC rally, and it was held in Belgium, in the city of Tournai. However the Belgium motorhome clubs organising the rally also arranged a 2 day rally on May19th and 20th in Brussels for those who wished to visit the city just prior to the Tournai rally.

IMG 2755 800x600So on the Tuesday morning we drove into Brussels and found our parking area, which was along with 50 other motorhomes in the grounds of the Basilica, a giant church that is in fact the 5th largest in the whole world! Its located near to Brussels centre and at 200 foot high, it is so tall it can be seen for miles around, we were given a hop-on hop-off 2 day bus pass, so after parking up, it was on to the open top bus to see the sights of Brussels.


Holland 2015 338 800x600We got off of the bus at the ATOMIUM which is a huge model of an iron atom 350 feet tall! It is so large that it actually has escalators inside, and a restaurant at the very top, the rooms you walk through are filled with exhibitions of Brussels industry, it was constructed in 1958 and even now looks as if it was built yesterday.

The next day we bussed into Brussels centre again, and saw the world famous ",Manneken-Pis " a bronze statue of a young boy having a leak! it was made in 1619, so IMG 2771 800x600that's nearly 400 years he's been going, now that's some bladder! It was such a nice sunny day, that after a coffee and a waffle a group of us then had a stroll around Brussels, visiting a magnificent cathedral with some of the best stained glass I have ever seen, also the royal palace, a music museum, and the botanical gardens,plus as you might expect hundreds of shops. Brussels has over 100 museums and has so much else to offer that to do it justice you would need a stay of 2-3 weeks and even then you would have to leave some things out.




IMG 1019 517x800That evening we had a splendid 6 course meal in the Basilica restaurant all paid for by the Belgium clubs and all the beer and wine you could drink was included, there was also a magic act, and a show by a group of medieval musicians and dancers, which was actually very good and interesting. [Click this link for a video of the event]

Holland 2015 361 800x600The next morning most of us used some free tickets which had been supplied by the Belgium clubs to go up to the viewing balcony on the outside of the top of the Basilica for a breathtaking view of the whole of Brussels and its surroundings. A fitting ending to a terrific little rally, and by 12 everyone had loaded up and we all drove to Tournai to begin the main rally, but I'll report on that in next months magazine.

Woodies Dad