Report on the AGM 2015 - Held Recently at Roade Village Hall - Northamptonshire

This year the selected European rally groups A.G.M. began on Friday October  16th, and ended on Sunday 18th October, and was held at Roade a small town near Northampton, in its nice warm village hall, an excellent venue, all our members approved of.

On Friday, we held a great "faith supper" with members providing some superb dishes of food to share.

Sunday was a free and easy day, and the A.G.M. meeting was held on the Saturday afternoon, with some lovely food and wine, provided by the club, and our thanks go to Chrissy, Pauline, and Jill, for all the hard work they put into it . Also thanks to Alan for a really good Quiz.

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These were the prizes for the raffle held at the AGM




The main subject of discussion this year, was next years F.I.C.M. rally, which is to be held in the Greek capital, Athens, it starts on 16th May, and ends 21st May, included in the rally,  are lots of sightseeing and visits around Athens, also a meal and a dinner / dance.

Then following on, for those who wish to attend, is the prolongation, which begins 22nd May and ends 29th May, which involves leaving Athens, and moving on to Nafplion, Patras, and lastly Katakolo, and I would like to state, that finding out how to spell these towns was not easy, and that anyone who can tell me how to pronounce these names will earn my undying gratitude! Again many visits and even a wine tasting have been arranged. All of which has been organised, by The Hellenic Motorhome club.

Please note, that only S.E.R.G. members can attend this rally, and any member who is thinking of going should definitely contact the S.E.R.G. secretary, whose details are at the front of this mag.

The selected European rally group itself, only organizes one rally per year, this being the annual A.G.M. rally, all the other rallies it attends, are organized and run by European clubs, who then invite S.E.R.G. club members to attend, But you must be a member of S.E.R.G. to go to them, and all rallies must be booked, you cannot just "turn up".

It is also worth noting, that anyone thinking of traveling to Europe, should be aware, that most European countries, now require that there is at least 6 months left on your passport, or you may be refused entry! However, I must admit that the U.K. passport office, seems to be a lot more efficient than it used to be, I recently applied for a passport renewal, I posted the application form on a Monday, and I had my new passport delivered to me on the Friday, just 5 days from door to door! Not the sort of service you expect from a government department.

Also, French law, now prohibits the use of any mobile phone while driving, even "hands free" sets,  or any type of earpiece or headphones, even if you are just listening to music, and not making an actual call, the only exception  is if the driver is hard of hearing, they are allowed a hearing aid. If you are caught using a phone, the fine is 135Euros.

Travel safe