This years Euro CC rally was held in Rome, starting on Wednesday 8th and lasting until Monday 13th of June, and was organised and run by the Italian Motorhome Club Assocampi. 650 motorhomes attended of which 12 were SERG members from the U.K.

The venue for the rally was Rome racecourse, which was conveniently situated on the city ring road and possessed excellent facilities and security, luckily a metro station was located right beside the racecourse entrance, and Assocampi provided everyone with 6 return metro tickets to take them into the centre of Rome. Also provided was tickets for the hop on, hop off, open top tourist buses, so once you were in the centre of Rome you could visit all the attractions using the bus.

Some of the places our members visited included the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, the Spanish steps, the Pantheon, the Trevi fountain (which was my personal favourite) and of course St. Peters Church and square at which a papal audience was held on the Sunday .

On Saturday all our members went on the optional coach visit to the ancient  ruined town of Ostia Antica, which 2000 years ago was Romes port, and despite it's age was remarkably well preserved, a bit like me in fact!

The wisdom of using Romes racecourse as the venue for the rally was shown by the excellent views the grandstand  gave of the night times entertainments, which included bands, groups, and choirs,  and on the Sunday a superb Roman historical reenactment group with nearly 100 members in full costume.

Saturday night was set aside for the gala meal,  7 courses of Italian speciality's, plus liqueurs and red and white wines.

The weather for the whole rally was wonderful, sunny and dry, with temperatures in the high 30's but not too humid, and blue Sky's all the way.

Rome is a very beautiful city with a surprisingly compact centre, but there is so much to see and do, that even our 6 days there, was barely enough to scratch the surface of it all, but whilst there 2 of our members met a gentleman and his wife who were paying the same amount of money per night for their hotel as we were paying for the whole 6 day rally and the 9 day prolongation that followed,  which I shall report on next month.

I think anyone who attended this rally would join with me in thanking club Assocampi for all the hard work they put into organising and marshaling such a superb rally, it was a real credit to them.

Next years Euro C.C. rally will be held in Bergamo in northern Italy near to the lakes, in either May or June, but we have no details as yet

This years  Selected European rally group A.G.M. meet , will again be held at the

Springfields centre 

On October 20th -24th it has a large hall, showers, and toilets and is next to a large shopping centre, gardens and restaurants. It should be a great few days so come along and vote.