The 42nd Euro C.C. rally was this year held at Marina-di-Carrara which is the port of the city of Carrara in the Tuscany region of Italy, and started on Wednesday the 8th of May

Both the rally and the extension at the end of it, was organized by the "Camper Club Italia" who in the past have organized several Italy based rallies for us, and as always, they did a superb job.

We got to the rally site which was a giant exhibition centre with ample space for the 320 motor homes from France, Greece, Spain, Germany, Switzerland Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg, Italy, and of course Great Britain who attended.

On arrival, we signed in and all received a large bag of free goodies each, later in the evening we assembled in the main hall for welcoming speeches, and the consumption of many free glasses of welcoming Prosecco.

Next day was a free day so the Brits all got together and explored the local area, finding a very large market which pleased the ladies, and a very nice bar which pleased the lads, over the hall later we were treated to some beautiful singing from a local group.

On Friday we were all loaded on to coaches at 9 am and taken to the city of Carrara and given a guided tour, in English of course, by an excellent guide.

In the evening again a local group provided the main entertainment

On Saturday morning again on to coaches and we were driven high up into the surrounding mountaintops, where they quarry white marble from the inside of the mountains, we were taken in and a guide explained to us and also showed us, how the marble is cut and split and removed for it later to be shaped to the correct sizes and thicknesses. It was so interesting.

At 8 pm into the hall for a "Gala" meal which was absolutely superb, beginning with 4 starter courses then the main course then dessert and coffees, 7 courses in all, very nice, and free wine all night, and there was a terrific Italian group playing lots of English songs, so many people got up to dance it carried on until well after midnight! Really great entertainment.

Sunday morning was the closing ceremony so we dressed up with union jacks and Welsh dragon flags and marched into the hall singing "It’s a long way to Tipperary" the chairman mentioned in his closing speech that next year’s Euro 43 rally would be held in Spain, so we are looking forward to that already!

At 2 pm we were all packed up and drove to Cecina for the rally prolongation, but more about this in next month’s magazine.


Woodies Dad