M.C.C. Selected European Rallies Group (Member of F.I.C.M.)

Members 87th. Newsletter Issued 1st.March 2015.



I have now received the information from Meuse Madine Camping Car that I promised in the previous newsletter. I am attaching the booking form along with this newsletter. In the past members who have booked this event have then been sent a list of trips that they can book, I assume it will be the same this year. We did this the time we went and the outings were all very enjoyable, but don’t forget these are arranged primarily for the French and any guides may not speak English. Please let me know if you book Meuse Madine, I already know 2 of our motor-homes will be there. If a few of you are going you may want to meet up before hand so that you are parked near each other.


For the history enthusiasts among you this year will be the bi-centenary of the Battle. As far as I am aware every 5 years a re-enactment is held, some of our Group went in 2010 and said it was very good. Any member who has plans to visit this spectacle may like to know that there is a Motorhome Park set up for this event. I am attaching the information that was forwarded to me by one of our Belgian friends.


As from this year the rallies hosted by the French Clubs are only open to their own members and members of other FFACCC clubs. This means that I can no longer request that we attend a rally organised by them. This is no different from our own rules with MCC. and I assume it may all have its roots in insurance. We will of course still be able to go to all FICM EuroCCs, even if a French club hosts them. I am also told that we can still request attendance at any FFACCC Games rally held, although they are not holding one this year.

This does not affect the Euroraduno hosted by Camper Club Italia or the annual international rally hosted by the Luxembourg Club, which will be held this year from 11th.to 14th.September. I have not been sent any invitation or information from Luxembourg up till now.