M.C.C. Selected European Rallies Group (Member of F.I.C.M.)

Members 76th. Newsletter Issued 23rd.November 2013.


SERG Web Site.

Our web master Barrie is retiring from motor homing, he is buying a static caravan and I would imagine “going fishing”. We are therefore looking for a new web master. Is there any member, capable and willing, to take over from Barrie? If we do not get a replacement we will have to close down our web site. If you wish to fill this position please contact me.

None of our members have booked for the Euro C.C. to be held at Portugal, the booking date has now passed.


DIARY DATES: So far we have dates for 3 rallies next year and one in 2015.


FFACCC Games Rally Port-sur-Saône: 27th.May to 1st.June 2014 with prolongation of about 3 days.

Luxembourg: 5th. to 7th. September 2014.

Camper Club Italia: “Along the Adriatic Coast: 7th. to 28th.September 2014.


EURO C.C. TOURNAI (BELGIUM): 20th. to 25th. May 2015 with a 6-day prolongation.

I only have dates at the moment, no rally information or prices.