M.C.C. Selected European Rallies Group (Member of F.I.C.M.)

 Members 72nd. Newsletter Issued  1st. July 2013.


I have now received the details from FPA (Portuguese Federation of Motor homes) of the 37th. EUROCC. Which will be held at Lisbon in 2014. I am forwarding these details to you.

You will notice that it states on the booking form that there is a 10% discount for bookings received by them before Dec.15th 2013. This date may be too early for some of you to decide what you want to do next May while others may feel it is not. So here we have to make a decision, do we have 2 closing dates or just the one? Two dates means 2 times the bank charges and twice the work. It may also mean that two people have to handle the bookings, as like the rest of you the committee want to be in warmer climes for the winter.

This is where I would appreciate your help.

Will anyone who thinks they will attend this EUROCC in Portugal let me know by email (or if you receive this by post, then telephone, my number is 0191 4104227). Would you book early, say mid November, for the discount or rather wait until say mid January and pay full price?

The programme states that it requires a minimum of 300 vans to go ahead and that the maximum is 650 vans. It also states the programme could vary according to the numbers attending. I would guess that this might happen if they get over 450 vans.

At present we do not know what the maximum number is for the prolongation.

There is a website, which I suggest you keep a note of, where you will be able to check for any additional information and any inclusions to the programme.

Web Site:  http://fpa37eurocc.wix.com/37-eurocc

As you can imagine our Treasurer Nick can only hazard a guess as to where the £ will stand against the € when he sends the money to Portugal. As always any overcharge will be refunded to you.

Don’t forget to fill the booking form in using their figures in Euros but make your cheque Payable to MCC/SERG in £s.

The price for EUROCC in Lisbon is            £ 110.00       per person

The price for the PROLONGATION is        £ 110.00       per person

The GALA DINNER is                                        £  72.00         per person

Please remember to read the regulations carefully.

And as always we suggest that any member attending rallies abroad has travel insurance.