M.C.C. Selected European Rallies Group (Member of F.I.C.M.)

 Members 71st. Newsletter Issued  2nd.  June 2013.



Having just returned from the rally at Orange, where the FICM meeting was held, I can now give you the venues and dates for the next two Euro CC rallies.

2014 PORTUGAL: 6th to 12 May with prolongation 12th to 18th May.

 The first 6-day rally will be in the Lisbon area. The prolongation will be 2 nights in Bataliah, with a visit to Fatima by coach, and then to Porto for the remainder. Details are a little sketchy at the moment but I hope that we will be sent the full details shortly.

2015 TOURNAI in BELGIUM: no definite date yet but it should be in May.

LUXEMBOURG  6th. to 10th. September 2013

Don’t forget Nick needs all booking forms  and cheques ,made payable to MCC/SERG, sent to him by  1st. July.

A little information on the toll roads in Portugal.

As with Spain, Portugal has embarked on a massive road scheme, funded with European grants and a lot of debt. Now they need to recoup some of this money. Many of the new roads and upgraded roads are therefore now toll roads, with more designated to become so. The problems are these; there are two toll systems running along side each other, one similar to the French system where you take a ticket from a machine on entering a section of motorway, and pay on exiting. The other system requires you to buy a pre-paid card, which you then register via a text message, the problem being their system seems to have difficulty recognising some providers. Both the Brits and the French on the Spain/Portugal rally had this problem. Now with 2 systems how does your sat-nav know which one you have paid for? It does not. Therefore you often end up on a toll road that you have to pay for via the ticket booth.As well as this Portugal is not like France, where there is almost always a D road (The old N roads, route Nationale Roads, running along side the motorways, so you do not need to pay.)  We found on several occasions that the only alternative was to go miles out of your way.

Be aware!

The French are now allowed to drive motor homes up to 7.5 tonne, like us with “Grandfather rights”, if they held their licences before a certain date. They have embraced this new freedom with both hands, and you find people well into their 70’s driving large motor homes (28ft. or longer) weighing 5 tonne or more. Unfortunately they drive them in the same manner they drove 3.5 tonne, 23 ft. vehicles. That is 65 to 70 mph.; they also pull in as if they were driving those shorter vehicles.  Be Aware!

Roll on Summer!