M.C.C. Selected European Rallies Group (Member of F.I.C.M.)

 Members 70th. Newsletter Issued26th.February2013.


Unfortunately we did not get an invitation to the Fete des Jonquilles as it was filled by the French club’s own members. However I have a couple of dates for your diary.


We have received our annual invitation to the rally held by FLM. This event will be at

Laroschette on Camping Birkett, near the region of Müllerthal. The dates are Friday 6th.September to Tuesday 10th September.

As yet the program is not available therefore neither is the price. When I receive these, and it will probably not be until May/June I will forward them to you.


This year we will be holding our AGM in the Cricket Club’s grounds at Moreton in Marsh. This is a very pretty area of the Cotswolds’ that has lots of CL’s in the vicinity.

The rally runs from Friday 18th.October until Monday morning October 21st.

Last week I sent out an email to everyone informing you that owing to a cancellation for health reasons we have a vacancy for 1 motorhome (2 people) on both the Spain/Portugal and Orange rallies.

I cannot hold this open for long as I do not want to lessen the chances of our member receiving a full refund. If you would like to fill either of these places please let me know.

Aires in Portugal

I have received and email from one of the Portuguese clubs with a web link to the Aires de Service in Portugal. The link is www.cas-autocaravanismo.com   Barrie will also be putting this link on our web site.

 When you open this link click box top right hand corner (Áreas de Serviço) this will open another page click on the Blue motor home.

Regards Andrea.