M.C.C. Selected European Rallies Group (Member of F.I.C.M.)

 Members 69th. Newsletter Issued 26th.January 2013.


Hello to you all,

I hope that the snow is disappearing where you are and allowing you to get out and about again.

This morning I received an invitation from Camper Club Italia. They are hosting a rally in the Bay of Naples area from August 31st. until September 19th.

I am attaching the details and the booking form. Anyone interested in attending must return their booking form together with their cheque, made payable to MCC/SERG, to

Malcolm Low, no later than 7th.March 2013. You will find Malcolm’s address on the list of committee members. His telephone no. is 01584 811860.

The price for this 3-week rally is  £780.00 per person. You will see from the program that there are quite a lot of visits. I can only see one meal mentioned as being included. We appear to be parked on campsites during the rally and going by coach to the various points of interest.

The booking form needs to be filled in as follows.

Surname    -      Christian name      -               title (Mr./Mrs.)      -            Date of Birth

Same again for passenger


Telephone no.                                            Mobile number

Club.     MCC/SERG                                      e-mail address.

€850 per person        Tot. €1,700.00 (for 2) or €850.00 for anyone travelling alone.

Do not forget to sign and date booking form at bottom of page.

It would be helpful to me to know how many of you wish to go, so if possible send me an e-mail or give me a call.

We do not know yet if the Luxembourg Club are holding their usual rally in September, but if they do then this rally to Italy will obviously be at the same time.

Please note I will be away from home between 29th.Jan. and 20th.Feb.


Regards Andrea.