M.C.C. Selected European Rallies Group (Member of F.I.C.M.)

 Members 67th. Newsletter Issued 1st.November 2012.



For those of you who were unable to attend our AGM at Stratford upon Avon Racecourse,

I am happy to say that everyone there seemed to have had a good time. I am also pleased to tell you that at the 11th.hour and 59th minute we got a Treasurer. Nick Woodcraft said he would fill the vacancy, but he spends quite a lot of time away from home. This unfortunately applies to most of us, and can present a problem with who will be available to take the bookings and do the bank transfer of funds. Malcolm Low said he would stay on as bookings assistant, despite his original intention to step down owing to health issues. The Committee agreed, that in the event of nobody being available to fulfil this task, at the time of a particular rally, the members would be given all relevant information for the event, and it would become a self book rally.

For your information I am attaching a list of the committee with their contact details. Please either save this to file or print it off in case you need to contact us.

Rallies 2013.

So far we have an invitation to “Fete des Jonquilles” next year. 9th. to 15th. April, Venue:

 Royal Palace, Kirwiller Bas Rhin, in the Voges area.  I have no details, as they are not yet available. Alain and Annette Larcher of Club Est are organizing it on behalf of Club Centre.


As I mentioned in an earlier Newsletter, next year there will be no Euro CC as such. Instead they appear to be amalgamating the FFACCC Games rally with the FICM event.

This will make no difference to our members it just means that there will be no FICM Committee meetings or forums.

The date for this rally is 7th. to 12th. May, with a prolongation. The Venue is Orange.

Again there are no more details at this time.

As always I am attempting to find other rallies and events that we will be able to participate in next year.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our web-site at www.mcc-serg.org.uk there you will find rally reports, photographs taken by members at rallies, and in the members area, up to date newsletters (in case you have inadvertently deleted yours) and a forum page.

For any member who has not renewed their subscription to SERG this will be your final newsletter. So I will say Goodbye and I hope that you continue to enjoy your Motor caravanning.


 it always happens as soon as I have sent out the Newsletters details start appearing. If you go to Club Provence’s web site at 
http://3cpca.free.fr/Jeux.97.htmlthen click where it says Orange 2013 (about the centre of the page) you go to the home page for the games rally. There you can click on the Programme and beneath if you click on FICM you open the booking form. These can be printed off.

The numbers for this rally are very restricted 400 for the main part and 110 for the prolongation. In order that we stand a chance of going to both the rally and prolongation we need to get our bookings in early.  I have spoken with Nick,our Treasurer and he will need all booking forms together with payments in before 1st.January 2013.

The cost of the rally is £70.per person
The cost of the Prolongation is £110.per person
You can book for the rally only but to go on the prolongation you have to go on the rally also.
Therefore the cost per person for both event will be £180. This covers the bank charges and Wine & Nibbles. As usual if the £ strengthens over the Euro any overcharge will be refunded, similarly if the £ drops and there is a deficit an extra cost would be incurred.
When you fill in the booking form remember to fill in the Amounts in Euros not Pounds.
Where the form says N?. Adherent put in your MCC number. Club: put MCC/SERG
Vehicle: immatriculation:  Registration Number. Longeur: Length.      Remorque:   Tailer    (cross out yes or no.) oui    non

In the box at the lower left of the sheet
This is a statement  saying you understand the conditions and are willing to abide by their rules.
I the undersigned Mr. or Mrs. Print Surname.
Then Sign and Date.

Please keep this email for reference when you are completing your forms.