M.C.C. Selected European Rallies Group (Member of F.I.C.M.)

                                 Members 63rd  Newsletter Issued  15th . July 2012.

Hello to you all,
We are back home after three most enjoyable rallies (I have put some photos on website.)
Speaking of photos, I hope the other members who attended these rallies will send photos to Barrie.
I know you took hundreds and it is nice for members who were not there to get some idea of what we did. Remember the web site is only as good as the members make it, without your input Barrie can do very little.

VENDANGES weekend 22nd.and 23rd September 2012. Domaine De Fiervaux
Mr. Cousins is again hosting a vendages weekend at his vineyard. This event is very popular with the French, so anyone wishing to attend will need to send Mr. Cousins their money as soon as possible. I am attaching a copy of the program and booking form with this newsletter. Do not
forget it is in euros, so unless you have friend resident in France who can issue a cheque on your behalf, you will have to send cash.

4th.  ANNUAL MONTGOLFIADE: (Hot –Air Balloon Festival)
 Thouars 31st.August to 2nd September.

For anyone in this region (South of Saumur) at this time Deux Sevres Group will be on the site. I have written to their president asking if there are any booking forms. Unfortunately he must still be away from home as his email in box is full and will not accept more mail. I will keep trying. Regardless of this, the Montgolfiade is an open event and anyone can go along and park on the parking area.

I have been told that North Picardie Club will invite us to a rally at ALBERT, (Northwest of Amiens) in November. I have no more information and no written confirmation. We will have to wait and see.

We also have an invitation to “Fete des Jonquilles” next year. 9th . to 15th April, Royal Palace,
Kirwiller Bas Rhin, in the Voges area. Again I have no details, as it is not yet organized. Alain and Annette Larcher of Club Est are organizing it on behalf of Club North Picardie.

That reminds me, I hope everyone who was on the Revigny rally and promised to sent their Mayor a postcard from home has done so.

We started the Olympic year off well at Revigny, our newest rallier Kim Buckingham won the Men’s Mijole competition and yours truly won the ladies Boules and Mijole. I’ve yet to fathom out how that happened.

JAZZ IN MARCIAC (North of Tarbes)
One of our members informs me that every year this region hosts a music festival. This year the date
is 27th .July to 15th August. There is a website for anyone interested: www.jazzinmarciac.com


This is a 3-night rally 19th October until the morning of 22nd October. We hope to see as many of you there as possible , it is a really good area for exploring.  There are plenty of C.Ls in the  Cotswolds for those who wish to make it into a longer break.

We will be doing our usual things, faith supper on the Friday night, and providing someone (like GEORGE MARRIOTT) will help us; we will have a Chinese raffle on Saturday night.  This proved very popular last year. I will let you know more details later, but the prizes for Chinese raffle need not be more than £3

AGM will be on Saturday at 3pm.  With wine and nibbles afterwards.
Sunday night will be ARTHUR'S Auction, (all proceeds to Club funds). So don't forget the more unwanted items you donate the longer the fun will last.  Chrissy Scotchmer has requested that all the men bring 2 pairs of woollen socks for a game she has planned.

Mr.Chairman, my other half, hopes that all members who have had their holidays, enjoyed them, and that those yet to go will enjoy theirs.  He hopes to see you all at the AGM.



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