Magazine Entry - SERG - September 2014


The ever popular French "games" rally was this year held at Port-sur-Saone, which is just below Colmar where the 2010 EuroCC meeting and rally was held, and as always was judged to be very enjoyable by all our members who went to it.

  This is always a well attended, popular rally, with lots to do and loads of games to play, but of course nothing too strenuous for us seniors. Unlike the UK the weather was hot and sunny most of the time, just one morning being a bit dismal.

After the main rally the follow on prolongation for three days was excellent, and included three meals at three different restaurants. All in all a great success and we are looking forward to next years rally already,

Our AGM this year will again be held at Morton in Marsh, and will run from Sunday 19th October until Wednesday 22nd October. The actual AGM meeting being on the Monday afternoon at 3pm. Morton is a very pleasant little town, and has a nice market every Tuesday in the town square, everyone attending is requested to bring a photo of themselves aged between 2-8 years old for a fun competition.

Also just in is news of a rally being held by Rally club Netherlands, and the dates are 10th October -12th October, this rally has a "witch" theme, and is a self book rally, so members wishing to attend should check out more info and booking forms on the excellent SERG website.

At the same time as the above rally, there is in France a "Vendages" weekend the dates are 11th-12th of October,  this is a grape picking in a vineyard followed by lunch and entertainment. Again this is a self-book event, so log on to the SERG website for more information.

I have also just received news that following their humiliating world cup defeat by Germany, the sale of "7-UP" has been banned in Brazil!  

Finally all members are reminded that renewals are due from 1st of August and should be sent to Janet Howard with a renewal form.