Selected European Rallies Group.

(Members of F.I.C.M.)



The Selected European Rallies Group is a Group within the M.C.C. whose special interest is rallying with other European Clubs. On joining the S.E.R.Group a M.C.C. member becomes a member of the F.I.C.M. The International Federation for Motor home Clubs. This is not to be confused with F.I.C.C. which you are already members of via MCC membership.
Selected European Rallies Group (SERG) does not organize rallies abroad, we are not tour operators.
Each year a rally is hosted by one of the member clubs for all the Clubs of the FICM. This could be in France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Belgium or Italy. We are automatically invited to this event. This is the only event where we are guaranteed some English translation.
Any other rallies we attend as guests. We must therefore remember that this is not a British Rally in a foreign country, but a rally organized by another European Club and therefore the primary language spoken may not be English.
This does not detract from the enjoyment; sign language can be very interesting, and at times very amusing. It does however mean if there are guided tours they will be in the language of the host club.
The rallies we attend are not advertised in the MCC Magazine, as they are specific to SERG members. A Newsletter will be sent out to all group members informing them of any rally or event available to them.
All events are bookable and, unless otherwise stated, the money paid in GBP. to our Treasurer, Nick. He then transfers the money for the group directly into the host club’s bank account. This is done to facilitate the transfer of funds as one amount rather than each individual having to pay a bank fee for transferring their own payment.
In the event of any member being unable to attend the rally, after the payment has been transferred, it is the responsibility of that individual member to seek reimbursement from the club hosting the rally. The SER Group is not responsible for the repayment of the money. Similarly if the event was cancelled for any reason, SER Group is not responsible for the reimbursement of funds.
We are informed of the venue or starting point for the rally, we are quite often given GPS co-ordinates, and this is where we meet up.
As with any trip you would make to a foreign country it is always advisable to have travel and medical insurance in place.
Any M.C.C. member interested in joining our group can do so by downloading an application form from our website by visiting clicking on About us and dropping down to join us, or by writing to the membership secretary:
Mrs. Janet Howard, 69 Pinks Hill, Swanley, Kent BR8 8NN. Enclosing a stamped self addressed envelope.


Andrea Barker